Monday, September 21, 2015

Visualizing Water Concepts

Generating New Idea's Inspired from Critiquing Work in Class

Skylar's Mad Max Future

I love how your personal passion and experiences shines through your work. I think your execution of your piece is thought provoking, visually strong, and provokes a reaction. This inspires me to emulate that in my design and thought process when thinking about how to convey the message that is both visually stronger, more drastic in design, and provoking a reaction from the viewer. Additionally, your hand lettering typography really influenced me to incorporate type and a statement in my design. 

Kayleigh's Deep Sea JAWS

I love how you were inspired by the movie theme JAWS and evaluated it to another level. I especially appreciated how your tag line pulled in your viewer and begs a question (I wrote in my book, Tagline Perfection - LOVED it). While the visual is both intimidatingly frightening and I feel fear for that diver. I want to incorporate a statement/tagline now in my work as well.

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