Sunday, September 20, 2015

Forecast 3: Water and Phytoplankton Farms

Phytoplankton Farms are 'capsule-esque' aquariums that are ‘semi-submersible’ with the intention to be placed in areas of the ocean impacted by global warming, sometimes referred to as “Dead Zones" - using phytoplankton’s ability to absorb CO2, releasing oxygen [photosynthesis] - to reverse the damage done by global warming, along with other positives for the environment and human kind… filter salt water into fresh water, detect tsunamis, and closely monitor the surrounding sea level. Most importantly, this new design/structure has pushed the positive side of farming phytoplankton up by eliminating the need to release large amounts of iron into the sea, which was the previous [and more harmful] method used to create more phytoplankton! { Designed by Sitbon Architectes }

With continued reading/research on the subject online - an important topic was brought to my attention when considering these technological advances in repairing harm done… This reversal of harm done is great, but will it only encourage the continued bad habits that created this damage in the first place? With out experiencing the consequences how will we learn? 

[responses to questions coming soon]

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