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Scott Werner, The Air Out There!

Forecast #2 Air: Bounce Words "On" "Other" Relation to Air

Continuing from my previous forecast and using "air" as movement of space, I have related it to the words "On" and "Other". As the puzzle pieces begin to fit and organic growth of inter-related terms I am focused on finding their relations.

On: On movement or flow, mechanical, invisible, I have chosen Solar Wind and Gravity or Anti-Gravity in the case of the protection and propulsion system. I forecast that in the future we will be able to create and build ships in orbit that will have no need for rocket fuel. In fact through my research I have found that they are already test solar wind foils or sails. This is just the first step. In that same article they mention solar threads that not only get propulsion from electrons hitting them from solar wind but also gather electricity. I think that this is the future of space travel on a cheaper budget and once perfected could be even faster than our modern day rocket systems by using energy around our solar system that is just being lost.

Anti-gravity generators will give us a replicated shield that Earth already provides us but can also be used to "bounce" off other planets gravity in times of secondary propulsion. The further out we get from the sun the less solar wind their will be and we can used the stored surplus energy to run that generator and other systems within the ship.

Other: I refer to biomimicry with this term. We need to create new forms and types of ships that can be reused multiple times that afford flexibility and the best ways to capture solar flare energy. While also keeping in mind the spherical form that earth has with it's gravitational force. Nature has already shown us better ways of doing things. The worm inches it's way around by using it's flexible body, this could be used for a design of how to store captured electricity from solar wind within an outer flexible membrane. That could also protect us in a similar fashion as the Faraday Cage. Using the dragonfly wings as fold out solar sails to use solar wind for propulsion and have wires to capture the electricity to feed into the membrane storage. Lastly using the shape of the lady bug as an optimum spherical form for anti-gravity shield and propulsion system. Plus the solar wind sails or threads could retract into a protective shell for landing on other planets or astroids.

The anti-gravity system could also be used as way to break free of other planet's and astroid's gravitational pull. 

References and links

a very technical video on anti-gravity

another option for solar capture is the solar wind turbine, a video on how to make your own

A more indepth video presentation on the future of space exploration using solar sails

Through research I found that dragonfly's wings may also be ideal for manueverability as per However this is currently up for discussion

Global Impact:
The global impact is significant in that as a global economy we will have more efficient ways of obtaining resources that are becoming scarce on the earth. This will also assist in discovering more about our planets and solar system and maybe even help branch out colonies elsewhere to avoid more overpopulation on Earth

National Impact:
The United States could be the leader in joining forces with the worlds top scientific communites in acheiving a truly universal goal. We could spend more money on the science, biology, and math in our childrens educations while inspiring artistic creativity to think outside the box, or look deeper in the box to see what has already been solved.

Local/Personal Impact:

I love space and science fiction! This is getting us closer to making what we create on screen as a reality. I myself want to see commercial space exploration and to be able to visit other planets. Learning that some of these ideas are becoming realistic possiblities inspires me and I want to know more. Being a geek has never been more popular!

What do you think of using solar flares which can be extremely deadly to us as a way of propulsion and electricity generation?
Do you think the world's governments will ever be able to work together to help make this a reality?
What other biomimicry could be used for propulsion in space or energy storage?

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  1. 1. Solar flares as a sling-shot fuel - yes. I think we think of solar flares in the terms of our technical needs rather than like a surfer uses a wave. Great Idea and very exciting.
    2. Will governments work together on space? Governments only seem to work in competition, but perhaps they might do that in a positive mission if they were in the face of disaster. Then again - if disaster prevented another election, then we would have a chance.
    3. Biomimicry : Look at comets


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