Sunday, September 20, 2015

Forecast #3: C-Water

Tenley Steinke


Not only is the name of this concept clever, but its size and functions are genius as well. The C-Water is a hand-held, collapsible device that uses a simple distillation technique, creating another way to purify water. To use this device, all one needs is a damp surface or a collection of water where you place the purifier face down in direct sunlight. Like a greenhouse, the energy will heat the water below it and collect condensation on its roof. The water then slides down the roof into a separate water container. Though this process may take a long period of time, it could especially be of use in times of emergency.  Not only could it be stored in boats and traveling for emergency purposes, but it could also be used for travels and exploration, and as a cheap method for clean water in third world countries in need.

1. On a global scale, because this ingenious water purifier is collapsible, stackable, uses sunlight for power, and would be affordable, third world countries would have a sustainable source of clean water. People in deserted areas often have to walk several miles to collect even one bucket of water, and often times that water isn't even clean. This would save them treacherous travels and water to drink.
On a national and local scale, this would be a popular item to have while exploring and traveling. Since it is crucial to carry as least as possible, lots of people would buy this because it is small, stackable, and powered by sunlight. In case of emergencies, though this is a very slow process to collect water, it may be something that saves a life.
2. If this product was available for purchase currently, I don't think it would sell on a national/local scale very rapidly because of how long it takes to collect small amounts of water. I think it would be a popular item to keep on hand for emergencies, but it's not a product people would put to daily use. However, in countries where access to fresh water is very limited, this would be a very popular invention currently and in future years to come. In 20 years from now, I could picture the C-Water becoming popular all over the world if they could figure out a process to collect more water at a faster pace.
3. To create a positive impact in the future, I think making the C-Water in a larger model would be ideal, especially in countries where fresh water is scarce. This way it could help entire communities and villages with bigger quantities of water, rather than a single individual. Developing a method to collect clean water at a faster pace would also have a positive impact for the future.
4. A way to negatively impact the future would be to make these expensive and fragile, or unreliable. If the mechanism failed to properly clean the water, the individual consuming the water may become sick. If these are expensive or fragile, they would not be desired by people engaging in aggressive activities such as hiking.
5. Super Tech, Limit Tech, Local Tech, Nature/Bio Tech, & Human/Social Tech.

1. Is this something you would use?
2. Is this something you could see being used in third world countries?
3. Have you seen water purifiers similar to the C-Water before?


  1. I like this idea! I agree it would be better if they could create a way to make the process faster. However, I think if it was marketed the right way, avid campers etc would use this. It will be interesting to see what comes about in the future.

  2. I can see the relationship between this and the atmospheric water purification systems. I think the idea that the C-water uses solar energy, is better in that it uses cleaner energy, though. Maybe there would be a way in which to combine the technology of both for a faster, cleaner and more efficient way to produce water.


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