Sunday, September 13, 2015

Forecast #2: Food in the air.

A.  Article

B. Analysis
This is a website for Airdo, which is an app where before you fly you can order your food super fast so that you don't have to wait in line. This App could save people from missing their flight due to waiting for their food. It's an App that makes sure your close to your gate and gives you option on food choices. Airdo was created by CEO Nathan Bui. It's a small maerket team that really enjoys airport food. So they want to create a special way for everyone to experience fast, delicious airport food. This app at the moment works in California and new jersey airports.

Bullet Answers

1) Global/National/Local Impact: This app  could do more nationally or global . Food is important in our everyday life. Having away to do more with food like "dreaming about chipotle" then getting it in your hands super quick is super neat. An app is a starting point . We use Apps to play games, music, etc. So people who like to fly usually use apps to do things to waste time. So why not create an App to give the flyers more and the best airport experience.
2) Impact Over Time: Hopefully this could change how we see food and how many creators should do more with food. With using the airport there could be an impact how we use air like, food in the air should be a thing. Have Airdo app on the plane where you order your food, and have it automatically on the plane. Many ideas that we can do for Air and food something technology can do.
3) Positive Outcomes: Customers would be happy. This is something this generation wants from technology and giving food a better experience for our taste buds.
4) Negative outcomes: If the app was in the plane could harm the plane due to high usage from customers. Otherwise lot's of people who use the app could cause the app to crash, take to long to get food, which creates disasters. 
5)Region of the Future: Super tech/social tech.


  1. What are your questions for us?

    The ones I started thinking about is the idea of the ability to communicate over the internet / order via app. and how this would change access into a whole other class divide. There is 1. Having the ability to have the phone / data for the app and order etc. 2. Security / privacy. Everything via the internet means it is available for anyone to see unless you have some sort of protection against it. I've lately been considering if the items that make me look "unfavorable" - in any way - should you pay for those in cash? Underwear that isn't basic, unhealthy foods, paying to see my favorite binge shows on line.... If my money can be monitored, doesn't that connect with my time?
    Suddenly the air & "cloud" makes me nervous.

  2. This is an interesting idea. I have been at the airport several times in my life and have almost missed my flight due to slow food, or having to sprint to my flight because the food I was looking for was in Terminal 3, Gate 14, 400 miles away. I think others would find this very convenient as well. This generation, and the generation after rely on technology (their phones in particular) as a life line. With the amount of apps that are available, I am sure this one would be a popular download over time.


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