Monday, September 28, 2015

Grocery Greenhouses

Shop where its grown, right then and there. 

Here is a video of what Wholefoods is up to:

Heres a snippet from the Wholefoods shown above: 

Our flagship greenhouse built in 2010 is the first commercial scale rooftop greenhouse in the United States. The rooftop greenhouse, designed, built, owned and operated by Gotham Greens measures over 15,000 ft2 and annually produces over 100 tons of fresh leafy greens.

All products are grown using recirculating irrigation systems that capture all water for re-use and are free of any harmful chemical pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. We employ integrated pest management solutions, including biological controls such as using beneficial insects to prey on harmful pests. Electrical demands are offset by 60kW of on site solar PV panels and high efficiency design features including, LED lighting, advanced glazing, passive ventilation, and thermal curtains, sharply reduce electrical and heating demand. Rooftop integration further reduces energy use while serving to insulate the building below.

My takeaway and notes:
This is a super interesting campaign, it will fluctuate competitive pricing within grocery stores if they are able to generate enough, with an efficient amount of man power. From previous research, the growth of obesity within the Unites States is most largely impacted from two key components: household incomes, and store (healthy option) prices. 
With the growth of this movement, costs could be cut. However it would be important not to negatively impact the jobs created from farms within the US. This would be a supplement movement for low-income housing areas to have access to healthy alternatives and food that truly gives back.

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