Friday, September 25, 2015

Food in Space!

My first take is how do we currently deal with food in space and why?

Space food first started as tasteless paste that came out of tubes. The problem with food in space is that there is low gravity or microgravity and therefore food floats around. Crumbs or particles can get lodged in the instrument panels or choke an astronaut by going up their nose or caught in their throat. So we had to be very careful.

Resource: How Stuff Works

There is also the packaging to help contain the food properly and packaging that would completely shread into smaller parts. All in all food had to take gravity into consideration. Fast forward, now days food can be made by gourmet chefs and looks and tastes similiar to what we eat on earth. Space food current has many process done to prevent bacteria from growing along with keeping mind what kind of minerals and nutrients are needed. For example their meals have less iron which builds red blood cells, but in space they have less red blood cells and don't need as much iron! Click the link above for more information and history and additional resources.

Now for the forecast!

I see the gravity issue being solved with gravity generators. This will in turn allow us to grow fruits and vegetables in space. I see us growing other plants and steering towards a more vegetarian meal plan because that's what makes sense. We'll get our protien from various nuts grown and meals will be healthier because of the content. Once we are successful in growing plants I see cow and cattle ranches on the moon or other colonies which will make meat a more prestigious commodity. Especially when we discover that meat tastes differently depending on where it's raised/grown.

Short term: Discovering how to get there and possible future to look forward too
Medium term: Providing new jobs for people in poverty, less reliance on mother Earth to provide
Long term: Move to space and grasping that the vastness is our ocean to make new discoveries with healthier eating habits forced upon ourselves

Tech: Biotech, Sciencetech, Socialtech

REM: It's The End Of The World


  1. I found this article when I was doing research- seems really fitting for you.
    NASA has a veggie program. Sounds like one of the big factors that they are looking at is the cost of getting food to space and ways to reduce that. Cray Cray

    1. Perfect, I will use this for refine and redifine food visual piece!

  2. Are you saying that the moon isn't already made of cheese?? I really like the idea of putting cows on the moon, and see that it could benefit both astronauts and people on Earth. It could have the potential of being quite the commodity- I would totally buy "space cheese". Wallace and Gromit would be all over it too:)

    1. I didn't even think about milk and cheese! Fantastic!


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