Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forecast #2: Air Mask & Energy


Tenley Steinke

Aire Mask - your breathing into renewable electrical power1


I thought this was an interesting concept because I am always sleeping and my phone is always dead, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Also, for those who own an iPhone charger, God forbid it being useful for more than one week. With this mask, hopefully the cords would not endure so much stress, making it last longer, and helping iPhone users stay sane. 

By simply wearing this mask, one would be able to charge small electronics, such as an iPhone or iPod. Each time the user exhales, small wind turbines are activated in the mask, creating power. This mask could also be worn during times of excessive breathing: exercise, sleep, or even emergencies. It is a great concept for simple, renewable energy, and could benefit society in several ways. 


On a global scale, this could provide energy for third world countries in times of emergencies. For example, in some villages, there is a communal computer that is powered by pedaling on a bike. This mask would be similar and would be even easier to use than biking. 
On a national or local scale, this would primarily be an invention based around social convenience. There have been several instances in my life where my phone has died, and the most inconvenient time. With that being said, this would be a great invention to use in times of emergency. If this renewable energy system was made for all types of charging, I could charge my diabetes glucose on the fly if it happened to run out of batteries. These are the types of situations small villages in struggling countries could benefit from as well.

I think this invention would be a big hit at first to consumers of all ages and demographics. In the first couple of years I could see lots of consumers buying them. However, in years to come after that, I think there would be a decrease in demand. I don't think it is an invention that people (especially in the United States) would deem necessary, but maybe have one stored on their sailboats, or camping accessories in case of emergency. 
In ten to twenty years down the line, I could see this invention's primary use being partnered with charity organizations, as a sustainable source of renewable energy. 
For example, every year my grandparents a card to each person in our family. Inside this card, is a donation made in our names to a specific organization. These organizations have items pertaining to corresponding places in need. One year, my grandparents donated a goat to a community in Africa, in my name. 

I think focusing on this invention as a way to benefit those in need would create the greatest positive impact. Because it is not a necessity to first world countries, focusing on those who truly need help would be the first place to start. 

I think the greatest negative impact would be to not have universal charging connections. Even though Apple is used by so many people all over the world, it would create several problems for users with other types of charging cables. I think this would create an even bigger problem if the main focus of this invention was to benefit those in need. 

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