Sunday, September 20, 2015

Forecast: AIR

A)    Article

B)    Analysis

Air pollution is something that is affecting us physically. It has become one of the main causes of cancer and heart diseases and because of the health risk it is causing, pollution is affecting the economy. The illnesses caused by pollution are jeopardizing health insurance companies. If the world took a greater initiative to reduce air pollution levels, we could decrease the amount of people that are affected from strokes, heart diseases, cancers and respiratory issuers. The lower levels of pollution, the stronger our cardiovascular and respiratory health would be, the less insurance companies would be affected which would conclude in a stronger economy worldwide. To reduce these affects a solution would be to carpool. Carpooling would reduce hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxides, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

C)    Bullet Answers

1.     Global/ National/ Local/ Personal Impacts: 

It would be hard for people to limit their freedom of driving. Carpooling could have such a huge impact on the globe that car agencies could suffer a decrease in sales, which would affect jobs in the field as well as the economy.
2.) Impact Over Time:

2 Months/2 Years:

People could begin to get used to depending on others to move around and it could become part of people’s social life. Carpooling could become a ‘normal’ way to move around in a vehicle as well as the only way.  

20 Years: 

20 years from now people could look back at times when people wouldn’t carpool and it would be frowned upon. The amount of car agencies and suppliers would be reduced by a large amount. Driving a car with only you in it could be considered a luxury.

3.) Positive Outcome: Air pollution would decrease by a lot as well as health issues due to air pollution. Health insurance rates would be lower and we could have a stronger economy worldwide.

4.) Negative Outcome: Car agencies and suppliers would have to pursue a different career.

5.) Region of the Future: Tech

D) Questions for others: 

Would you be willing to carpool for the rest of your life?
What other negative outcomes could there be from carpooling?

How often do you carpool?

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