Sunday, September 20, 2015

Forecast #3: Water and food for challenge


There are many challenges this world faces. What would happen if we have to cut off water to save the food? or the other away around?. This article explains the challenges Agriculture is having with food, water and the climate. Climate change will continue to disrupt agricultural production and food security. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where most future population growth will occur, drought is the primary cause of food shortages. Rising temperatures will affect crop yields (grain yields decline 10 percent for each 1˚C rise in temperature above optimum conditions) and water resources, especially in areas such as the Mediterranean Basin, parts of North and South America, Australia and Southern Africa, which are already water stressed(

The global impact, national impact, and local / personal impact:

This is a global impact. It effects the people food system which the climate could be way to humid for the crops could die, and kill their food source. Water is needed to supply for everything basically. Water affects 40% of people today. 

Forecast the range of impact over the short term (the next 2 months to 2 years), to the long term (next 20 years to 20 + decades).
Short term: Creating a new direction to save water more of creating an idea of saving water to help produce their food.
Long term: Having a backup storage for when climate changes. Always having a safety net when weather is humid or cold.

What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest positive impact on the future:
Trying to protect our water&food supply I would try to make away how recycling is a thing but recycle water? Maybe that could be a solution to our problems.
What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest negative impact on the future:
I would say not having a solution to saving the resources would have a bad outcome to the environment and to the people.
“Which region of the future” does this related closest most to or does this fit in between – or perhaps a region of the future you’d like to define for yourself.
This is more limit tech/no tech. It's mainly us who could change the future of our world. Tech could solve our problems but the littlest things like picking up garbage, recycling, closing the water when not in use could really make a difference. 

What are ways we could save water & food?
Will tech be a solution then our hands and mind?
How would the future look if we change the way we use food and water?

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