Sunday, September 13, 2015

AIR: The New Biosphere

“The idea behind the project (and its name) was to create a second, alternative biosphere, which scientists can precisely control and study, in order to learn more about the first biosphere — that of our planet.” 

This articles main purpose was to highlight that the Biosphere 2 project has been bought by The University of Arizona, saving the research facility from a close call of destruction. What intrigued me most about this article was the background information given on the first and ‘failed’ projects the Biosphere project was intended for. 

This project, as defined by wikipedia, is an ‘artificially materially closed ecological system or vivarium’. Basically, the scientists experimented with creating their own ecosystem completely shutting out the earth’s biospheres ability to impact what was made or created inside the ‘Biosphere 2’ — giving opportunity to learn more about our own biosphere through experimentation and manipulation, but also [and most intriguing to my mind] the possibility of gaining an ability to create a new biosphere’s where humans and life can sustain itself outside of the only place we have ever known to be able to survive! In summary, this place is the key to human survival no matter what apocalyptic, doomsday is thrown our way.

  • Global/National/Local/Personal Impact
    • Completely a Global Impact, with impacts felt on all levels from national, local, and personal.
  • Impact: Short term - Long term 
    • The greatest impact will be felt long-term, but some smaller short-term discoveries could be felt short-term. 
  • Greatest Positive Impact 
    • Scientific discovery made from experiments in the biosphere on how to fix all the pollution and damage we have already done to our earth, no longer have a need for a new biosphere. 
  • Greatest Negative Impact 
    • World War over the technology, scientific discovery over how to create a biosphere 2. Malfunction with long-term impact on human psychological well-being from being inside a ‘biosphere 2’, mass chaos breaks out within and between different man-made biospheres. 
  • ‘Region of the Future’ 
    • Next 100 years? 

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