Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Shelter Means to Me

What shelter means to me.

For many people, shelter is more than just a roof over their head. It is friends and family. It is financial security. It is comfort. Shelter is all of those things for me, but when I think about it on a deeper level, I’ve realized that shelter is my health. When I think of the one thing that can take away my shelter, it always comes down to health; mental or physical. When I come home at night, my roommate/ best friend is there. I can talk to her about my day, laugh about things, and blow off steam. My roommate, along with the rest of my friends and family, help keep me sane and help my mental health.
When I was in Austria, I always came home to my roommates there. Having someone to come home to is extremely important to me, and my mental health. Having friends and family in my life keeps me happy and healthy.

If I didn’t have my mental/physical health, I might not be able to work, and thus might not be able to pay bills or rent. My health keeps a roof over my head.

When I think of shelter, I think of our country’s health care system. So many people are having to take out second mortgages to pay for medical bills.
When I think of shelter, I think of the homeless person on the corner of the street. Had they been treated for their (most likely) mental health problems correctly, would they be there? Or would they have a roof over their head?

Roommate and I.

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