Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Is What Humanity Might Look Like In 1,000 Years

This is video offers a fascinating look into the future! Utility fog is particularly fascinating to the subject shelter. Our homes could disappear when we are at work to create space for more things! We could move our homes anywhere we wanted! Its also interesting to think about the possibility of conflict over space and land this technology would create. It would make an amazing novel!

We also may adapt to future earth and end up looking like this in 100,000 years, those eyes though.

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  1. Love those videos with the drawings done at the same time! Helps my art brain understand everything. Haha. But wow, so dang interesting! That utility fog is hard for my brain to comprehend... Did you know that scientists think if a caveman were to be transported in time to present day, he most likely would not be able to see our "technology?" It's because he wouldn't be able to comprehend what he was seeing, therefor his brain would block it out... Pretty terrifying and intriguing right? That's how I feel about that fog! If I was teleported to the future, I wouldn't even be able to see it.... haha. Also, the part of the video that talks about how robots will eventually "think" like humans made me think about my AI post. Go read it if you are intrigued by that stuff! I sure am!!


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