Sunday, October 11, 2015

Food Repost: The Future of Food, is Food

The Future of Food is Food
Community Garden: How to Start Growing Today

"Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't call food." 

After sifting through multiple different articles, the overall response of the positive futures of food by far out weigh the negative. In a matter of minuets I realized just how many blogs are dedicated to re-defining the way we see food. Community gardens, personal herbs and green houses were just a few of the examples used to show how we can combat the complete loss of food. 

In conjunction with how we see food, people are trying to change how we grow it. Vertical gardens, green houses, and community gardens are constantly trying new things to innovate these popular growing ideas and high demand to keep physical foods in the hands of all humans. 

Different community gardens are implementing sustainable design, space ideation when carefully planning for upcoming years. 

Children's evolvement in community gardens is by far the most happy and healthy. Children get so excited to see what mother nature can do. This inspires not only children, but the adults that are assisting in projects. Community gardens are also a great learning center for urban kids to really get their hands dirty. 

This is no new technology. This is a state of mind that has been lost over time. Consumer driven, fast paced society has pushed food regulations to the max. How fast can we produce something for the cheapest price?? The real question should be how can we grow quality food, while keeping our need, and the environment in the forefront of the photo. 

We need to remember that people come together over food. So many holidays, cultures, and societies have food at the forefront of the family photo, weather they know it or not. 

There are hundreds of tips and tools of the trade for successful community gardens. Alone, a garden is hard to keep up, but when a community comes together to work as one, different human connections are made, food is grown and bellies are fuller. 


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