Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shelter Redifined

Short Term
  • Rent Increase
  • More people on public assistance
  • Taxes  increase
  • Wages increase to match cost of living
  • Corporations cut hours to make up for increase
  • People are laid off
  • Unemployment rises
  • People move from area
  • Towns, cities, villages collapse

  • Cities increase population
  • Greater demand for living space
  • Families (share resources)
  • Cities become “favellas”
  • Crime rises
  • Middle class moves out = suburbs
  • Low-income stay
  • Rent decreased as demand decrease
  • Major jobs leave
  • mom and pop operations shut down
  • Land prices fall
  • Then, land is bought up
  • Renovated
  • Poor families pushed out
  • Rent increase

  • Segregated society based on socioeconomic status
  • Fight for resources
  • Constant changes results in destabilization
  • Anger of general population grows
  • Dictator style leadership will mobilize angry population
  • Power becomes more centralized again
  • wealthy, central power grows, few have power
  • Lack of democracy
  • Controlled society, lack of freedom for the mass population

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  1. Great way of breaking it all down. I am a lover of lists, so this post hit me right in the happy spot. It's so easy to understand the impact when it's right there clear as day.. WOW. "Fight for resources" really got me thinking.... Not a fun thing to think about.


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