Sunday, October 18, 2015


What shelter means to me: I was fortunate to have grown up in a house with seven people in a moderately-sized home made me appreciate my own space and learned to take ownership of the room that I slept in at a young age. Having a place to come home to and call your own is a luxury that I like to take full advantage of. I take pride in it and personalize it with art, lighting and lots of color. There's a sense of security and a solid sense of when you have ownership of your own place. It is a place where you can take refuge from the rest of the world and recharge your batteries.

Without having my own place and control of it would be extremely difficult, especially growing up. I can't help but think about the children that are homeless, living in shelters or refugee camps and wonder if they experience a great loss of identity. This brings me to imagine a place where these kids around the world could go and it would be as if disney movies came to life. Not so mush Disneyland- I've ever been, but more along the story lines that develop.

It could be a utopic island that the kids would be able to have a childhood where they were free to have their imaginations run wild without the stress of real life and not knowing where they would sleep next. There would be employees that would take care of the kids and would take the roles of a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc. and the kids would live with them. The children in their communities would also be able to relate to each other rather than feeling so different than the rest.

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  1. What a great dream that is! If only it could be reality.. With all the conflict happening in the middle east and Europe right now, it only makes you think of those poor children all the more.


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