Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homes of The Future (Shelter Forecast)

Part A:  My Ideal Shelter

I am torn by the notion of my ideal shelter. On one hand, I long for a place that is absurdly big, and crammed with every luxurious creature comfort money can buy.  On the other hand, I truly only need a few things to make my shelter feel like a home, my daughters and their mother, enough food so that they never have to know the feeling of going to bed hungry, and clean, useable water that runs hot or cold. 

I believe this duality between wants and needs stems from my socio-economic upbringing. Having 10 brothers and sisters made things financially restrictive at times. I, by no means had a bad childhood, and despite the nauseating number of friends and family that were crammed into a three-bedroom bungalow, I learned how to be resourceful with what I had. 

Possessions and material things are nice, but they don’t mean everything to me.  My family is the most important thing and long as I can provide a place where the can be safe from the elements, safe from the dysfunctions of society as much as possible, and be able to have enough food and water to maintain optimal health I would feel satisfied. It could be a cave a tree house, a hotel, motel, 1 bedroom, studio or mansion as long as I have these basic things I am good.

Part B:  The Brainstorm

Words selected
(From Board) Time, space-pods, refugees, art studio, cats, castles, and caves

Best Case:
Since the home for some is a place where the spend the majority of their time, then one would want to make it a comfortable place, ideally a massive castle filled with cats, an art studio, and space pods in case of an emergency. If everyone had a home fit to there desires then there would be no refugees since everyone would be at peace.

Worst Case:
If there is a global disaster that misplaces half the world’s population then there would be a huge amount of refugees. Then pets and personal spaces like art studio would be unimportant. If people where placed in such extremes then castles and cave would be turned into communal living spaces.  If people were in a society where everyone had to work together to survive and thrive, then we would probably expand upon our technology creating emergency space pods for families.

If with the worlds population continuing to grow at the rate that it is then we are going to continue to have a growth in the amount of refugees. Which will force architects and designers to come up with innovative ways to improve living spaces, and coming u with ways to make space count.  If this happens , then castles can be converted into affordable housing . if space is a concern above ground we may see more structures being built underground and in caves.

If cats and other pets have a massive revolt, then humans would flee and seek shelter in caves.  If pets take over the world humans would become refuges and cats would live in castles and take up the arts, thus inventing cat art studios.  Since pets are now the dominant mammals on earth, then aliens would send space-pods to rescue the humans.

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