Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forecast: Future Shelter

Part A: My Shelter

My ideal shelter space would be a space that could be mobile. I get attached to spaces and things easily and the possibility of being able to take my furnished space to wherever I move to would give me a great sense of comfort.

Part B: Best Case
Creating portable spaces/apartments/homes/shelter would save people money when moving. They wouldn’t have to re-furnish a whole new space. Mobile spaces would make it easier for people to travel.

Worst Case:
Certain locations could get overpopulated. Hotels would go out of business.

Part C: Globally

traveling is becoming less of a luxury every time. Airplane rates and transportation is becoming more accessible to everyone, more affordable and attainable. Distances between places seem less far as mobile technology enhances its speed rate. I see people in the future traveling and moving more often, shelter stability will be uncommon as people will begin to explore new places to grow businesses and as a pleasure. Going forward with this people will want to have a stable shelter as they travel the world.

Nationally: People would be less hesitant when businesses ask them to relocate, having a mobile space would make the transition easier. People who have temporary jobs because of seasons could move every season and relocate to a place where there job is needed for the time and never have to struggle financially.

Locally: Mobility for people in Minnesota would mean you wouldn’t have to be for harsh winters. People who can work from home could move to a place where they enjoy the weather for the season. People who have seasonal jobs that are off during the summer or harsh winters could move as well and come back.


  1. Check out this site about the future of mobility! Where your car becomes your living room:

  2. Let's get a tiny home together! I also love the idea of taking my "stuff" with me everywhere. But at the same time, it is just "stuff." You mentioned that you get attached to your possessions easily. Where do you think this comes from? Society? The media? Advertising? Family? Friends? All of the above? Maybe the bigger question is: "How do we stop caring about THINGS so much!?"


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