Monday, October 19, 2015

What Shelter Means To Me

Tenley Steinke

To me, the biggest zone for comfort and security would be with my family. I was born and raised a Christian with a strong set of morals, and the value of relationships were (are) put on a pedestal. To keep our bonds strong between one another, my mom, dad, brother and I have taken several trips and vacations together-testing our patience but building relationships.

Throughout high school, especially in comparison to my older brother, I was a very naughty daughter. Drinking, partying, and friends took over my social life which really put a strain on my relationship with my family members. At the time, I was young. sassy, and knew everything so I paid no mind to how I was treating the people who mean the most to me. However, no matter how many times I got in trouble or needed help, my family was and is always there to support me.  

As I have gotten older, I have placed extremely high amounts of trust, loyalty, and love into these relationships, and have realized how fortunate I am to have the close-knit family I have. It is weird how maturity can change a relationship so much. Now, not only do I have a mom, but also a best friend. It's sad watching my grandparents get older because I know one day that will be my parents, and then me. Growing up has really taught me to slow down and cherish my time with family, and has shown me how truly important family really is. 

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  1. Bittersweet post. Sounds like you love your family a lot, and they love you! I know how it can be hard to watch your loved ones get older, but such is life, right? Too bad we're not 1,000 years into the future, I'm sure they'll have people living until 300 by then haha!


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