Monday, October 19, 2015

The real future of Shelter

Lets be honest here about shelter in the future. Where are we really going to live ten maybe fifteen years from now? Obviously we will all have highly personalized environments to choose from. The world just keeps getting more and more personalized. Is it that far a stretch than to realize the vision of shelter as pictured above. Who would't want to live in a hippie commune pet sanctuary on the grounds of the castle from Beauty and the Beast? Tents and cats and castles, enough said.


  1. I liked this post-- It was really funny actually. Personalization is such a huge component to everyone and truly saturated the market. I think this does a great job asking really "what if" and "is it really that far fetched?"

  2. Love the art you created, and the funny meme at the end! Always making me laugh Eric... I love the "what if" attitude this post has. Sometimes people just need to posed with a question or idea to get the gears in their head turning.. I know you did that for me! I think my personalized shelter would feature all things white and modern, clean air filters, my own personal wind farm, and my own goats and cows for milk and cheese!


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