Monday, August 24, 2015

Part b. Week 1.

b)      Pose questions / concepts / feedback you are looking for.
Where do you see the problems in this because I just find it so exciting it is hard for me to see the drawbacks?

In order to do meaningful work, or to accomplish many of the needs in Maslow's heirarchy, people need to move from place to place. Therefore, alleviating traffic congestion is a priority and that's why autonomous cars are predicted to hit streets as soon as the next 15 years.

Since the world is becoming increasingly urbanized, and grid-lock traffic comes as a result, the next era of vehicles will need to be autonomous. My source, and favorite examples are ideo's. Cars that drive themselves will use tech such as GPS, route sensing technology, lane keeping and object avoidance systems, object sensing, and probably inductive charging.

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So my question is: Could these seeds grow such sophisticated computers that could do all this? Can you think of anything in biology that engineers could mimic GPS, lane keeping or avoidance systems, etc.? I was thinking of monarch butterflies or species that migrate...

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