Sunday, August 30, 2015

Forecast #1: 3D Printed Houses

A.) Sources: 

Article Link
Video Link- 3D Printers Print Ten Houses in 24 Hours
Video Link- 3D Printing Human Needs
Article Link- Injured Toucan gets New Beak Courtesy of 3D Printing

B.) Analysis: 

The idea of 3D printing excites modern technology and the future ideation of what humans can and cannot create. I find that 3D printing blurs that line of what we can and cannot do. Initially I found the article on printing only housing. The idea of housing made easy! Wow! Half the waste product, combining recycled materials and quick dry cement. Printing up to ten houses in 24 hours amazed me. Imagine low income house holds, able to afford an affordable home that has the potential not only to be printed within two hours, but also contains all the materials/ technology to adapt even more green living ideology. 3D printing houses is amazing so I thought to continue research to the human house, the body. Extending that further, all living things. Printing materials could change, printers could adapt and the learning possibilities of what we can and cannot make are now endless. 

C.) Bullet Answers:

1.) Impacts:

Global: Clean/ affordable housing for all. Prototypes on healthcare devices could be furthered with research. Ex: Print a prosthetic arm for a person in need with time and cost restrictions in a third world country.

National: American way of living and ideation of how we manufacture/ produce things will change drastically if we continue to make advancements in 3D printing. 

Local/ Personal: On a smaller scale, I could look into printing myself an affordable, reliable home someday. Or another option would be smaller projects such as gardens, fences or any other physical form if need be. 

2.) Timeline

2 Months: Supplies/ smaller end issues: Decreasing environmental waste and unnecessary product. Taking lots of recycled materials and putting them to good use.

20 Years: Printing everything: Modify light weight designs to be better, finding new materials to print, health care and vet care advancements. Structure wise: Skyscrapers built in days vs. months. Healthcare: Printing organs?? 

3.) Future Predictions:

Positive: Affordable homes, printed using recycled materials: Ending homelessness. Poverty is no longer a reason for someone to not have the ability to afford a home.

Possibly printing for the human home: Prosthetics  and depending on how advanced we become with our printing materials/ printers: printing needed organs for transplant in humans and animals. 

Negative: Actual printers themselves become expensive to make/ out of reach: pushing housing prices higher, and out of the price range for low income households. 

Printed houses placed in natural disaster zones/ not withstanding natural elements. 

Ethics are tossed out the window and people start printing new people: (extreme example)

4.) Region of the Future: Sustainable design/ Super Tech: This could be adapted so many ways.  

Questions for the Class: 
Would you feel safe living in a printed house?
Where would you like to see 3D Printing used in the future? Why? 
As a college student, would you be interested in living in a 3D Printed home if it meant half the cost? 


  1. I enjoyed this! I think that in the future we will see 3D printed medical devices and much more. I'm excited to see what the future of this!

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  3. I am a huge fan of recycling, so I love the idea of reusing and/or repurposing building materials and having no waste. Also, as a doer of home improvement projects, I can see how 3-D printing would reduce or even eliminate the amount of "leftovers" when a project is completed. A concern I would have would be that, unless there is the ability to personalize or customize, there would seem to be a lack of visual uniqueness in home designs. Thanks for sharing.


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