Monday, August 31, 2015

Forecast #1 : DNA Modifications

PART 1: à

B)   To my understanding scientist have found how to modify an embryos DNA. They have found that they can cut strands of an embryo’s DNA with the power to have the strand grow back but without the bad gene such as cancer or any other illness or disease as well as intelligence. They have the power to scan and read each strand of DNA and from there decide what strand should be cut to regrow and avoid a negative outcome. Scientist are aware of the risk this implies which is why they have put a pause on the study until ethical guidelines for modified embryos is established.

1)    The global impact- Illnesses and diseases could be prevented which could lead to an over-population as well as a decrease in medical jobs.
2)    National Impact- Ethical guidelines would be questioned and it could arise political issues.
3)     Personal Impact- My future family could be exposed to the option of ‘custom’ DNA which would change “family genes.” 

4)    For the first two months to two years of this innovation I believe DNA modifications would be a big trend people wanting to have children with higher IQ’s and free of illnesses and family genes would be greatly modified and will effect future generations.

In the long term, the next 20 years to 20+ decades generations would be suffering the consequences of modified DNA’s with an over-population of people on the globe, humans standards would raise and non-modified humans would be compared to modified humans.

5) What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest positive impact on the future.”
Agree on ethical guidelines.

6) “What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest negative impact on the future.”
Not agree on any ethical guidelines.

7)    “Which region of the future” does this related closest most to or does this fit in between – or perhaps a region of the future you’d like to define for yourself.
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  1. Interesting concept! Is this the same thing as "Stem Cell Research," or just something similar? I wrote a long paper about the controversial issues of stem cell research, which is growing a healthy, identical part of the body that is infected. I was especially interested in this, because I am a Type 1 Diabetic and Stem Cell research could lead to an almost instant cure for my condition. Type 1 Diabetes is only one of the few thousand diseases or conditions that this could process could help, and potentially cure. I will have to read more into this.


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