Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Part c. Week 1.

C)  The Bullet Answers.

1)    The global impact, national impact, and local / personal impact.
2)    Forecast the range of impact over the short term (the next 2 months to 2 years), to the long term (next 20 years to 20 + decades).
3)  What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest positive impact on the future.”
4) “What could you do, or could be done to create the greatest negative impact on the future.”
5)    “Which region of the future” does this related closest most to or does this fit in between – or perhaps a region of the future you’d like to define for yourself.

1. Personally/Locally - I think it might look creepy! Like it's made of all bone. I would be skeptical to own one.
Nationally - this is an appealing idea with few environmental limits. The economic limits though, are many. Moving away from internal combustion.
Globally - I'm not sure if this is realistic. For first world countries it's a creative idea that is sustainable - however outlandish. But how could this work in a drought-ish country where water is a scarce resource? Could these labs exist in places with little infrastructure? And I think it's important to consider if inventions like these would help or hinder places that aren't so western...?
2. This idea includes totally new infrastructures that would take decades to implement. 
3. Contributions to the discussion of the future of mobility, specifically the future of automobility (such as profitability and environmental concerns) will have the greatest positive impact on the future.
4.The greatest negative impact on the future would be if the government, which would play a big role, hesitated about the markets and technologies involved. 
5. Biotech almost Limit Tech. Nature can produce very hard materials that don't need to be mined and nature can reuse it's own materials. 

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