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I look at this website a few times a week. I highly recommend it- they cover a little bit of everything, but it really covers a lot of the art world.

I feel like the consumption of beef is an issue that people don't want to talk about. No one wants to give up their burgers and quite frankly, you don't have to. Just save it for a special occasion. If humans reduced their consumption of red meat, it was make a dramatic environmental impact.
These photos on from the Hyper Allergic article show aerial shots of feedlots and slaughterhouses.
Pretty gross, huh? Think about all that poop too. Animals gotta poop and it has to go somewhere. It isn't like throwing it in the trash. Poop actually creates methane gas (spoiler alert: you can light your farts up because IT IS GAS). The methane gas created by farms and pigs contributes to the bigger picture of climate change and methane is a bigger threat to the air we breath than CO2.... in fact...

Agriculture is responsible for at least 18% of the release total greenhouse gases worldwide.

Say what?

Some real talk:

I propose we save beef for a special occasion. Limit your beef for a hot date or a birthday. Save the burger for when you go to a game or maybe when you are grilling out.

Best Case:
Americans reduce their beef intake and become leaders for adapting more varied diets.
A reduction in the greenhouse gases released and no more creepy photos of aerial shots of feed lots.

Worst Case:
We continue being a leader for shitty diets and people around the world keep taking on western-influenced diets. More cows will be needed, so you better bulldoze some stuff down and grow as many cows as you can. And put the poop wherever you want.

Cows are now considered sacred animals all over the world. The replace dogs as companion animals and everyone is eating a plant based diet.

How much meat do you eat? Would you consider eating less of it?
Did you know that beef poses this much of a threat to our health?

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