Sunday, November 15, 2015

Air and Wind Energy! (#2)

A. Articles

B. Analysis
Governor Jerry recently signed a new climate law that is extremely important. The law includes three concrete and legally binding clean-energy initiatives. One provision doubles down on efficiency, mandating a 100 percent increase in energy savings in California’s homes, businesses and factories — an ambitious goal that, by some estimates, could reduce statewide energy needs by nearly a third by 2030. Another requires utilities to purchase half of their power from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2030, with penalties for non-compliance; still another provides new incentives for utilities to install additional charging stations, the shortage of which is a major roadblock to what appears to be a growing appetite for electric vehicles.

C. Bullet Answers
1. Global/National/Local/Personal Impacts
Global: Sadly, the United States is falling behind when it comes to wind energy initiatives. Right now California is making great strides to catch us up with other western countries, like Germany and Norway for example. The United State’s media is broadcasted around the world, and we set the tone for many countries. For those countries that aren’t putting their focuses towards wind energy, the USA could possibly be setting an example for them.
National: Clearly California is the most forward thinking state when it comes to wind energy, and they are setting the tone for other states that are falling behind them. We need to look up to California and follow in their footsteps so we don’t leave more CARBON footsteps!
Local: Our wind energy accounts for 16% of electricity generated in the state. This is not awful, but it’s not great either.
Personal: I would love to see more wind farms and be able to tell my kids about them, and how they help the earth.

2. Impact over time Short term/long term
Short Term: Job creation! We could create new jobs within the USA for new wind farms. Wind farms could be used as an artistic installation. We could paint different things on the wings or even allow artists to paint on the wings, this creating something beautiful from the metal machinery.
Long Term: Less pollution! Better breathing! Increased health! Less medical debt!

3. Positive Outcome
Wind energy doesn’t produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gases.

4. Negative Outcome
Some people could lose jobs at power plants and it could increase taxes for some.

5. Lens/Region of the Future : Super tech - Limit Tech and Human Tech / Social Tech.

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  1. Short Term Job creation, I think would cancel out the power plant job loses. Maybe those that are impacted with job loss from one can be guaranteed positions in new wind farm locations, with provided training, and increase in benefits or something.

    I also would love to see more wind farms around, I know that some cities outside of Mpls are putting more of these up around the metro area. I know Maple Grove and Shakopee, near the reservation have more than a few in their area. According to Wikipedia, wind power accounts "16% of the electricity generated in the state during 2014" Wiki's not the best for info, but hey...


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